Hey Ryan Gosling What’s Your Sign?

Ryan Gosling Zodiac SignRyan Gosling, so hey, what’s your sign?
Birthdate: November 12, 1980
Occupation: Canadian Actor/Musician
Sun Sign: Scorpio
Element: Water
Quality: Fixed
Ruling Planet: Pluto
Chinese Sign: Monkey
Chinese Element: Metal

Ryan Gosling is well known for his leading role as Noah in “The Notebook”, he simply captures the audience with a deep and captivating stare. The movie “Drive” where he plays a more mysterious role, quiet moments are never a bore. The Scorpio hypnotizes the audience effortlessly and would continue to keep you wanting more of Ryan. This Scorpio Monkey has played in more darker roles in the movie “All Good Things”, which exemplifies much more versatility than the average Scorpio. Let’s thank the fun and clever Monkey sign for this. Ryan will never be a bore to watch, we get a light and dark personality and an equal balance of yin and yang.