Hey Zachary Quinto What’s Your Sign?

Zachary Quinto Zodiac SignZachary Quinto, so hey, what’s your sign?
Birthdate: June 2, 1977
Occupation: American actor and film producer
Sun Sign: Aquarius
Element: Air
Quality: Fixed
Ruling Planet: Uranus
Chinese Sign: Snake
Chinese Element: Fire

Zachary Quinto, there could be no other actor to play young Spock in the 2009 and 2013 reboot of Star Trek. The airy Aquarius, oh so logical, intellectual and scientific. He simply engages the audience with ease thanks to the charming snake, you simply find yourself unaware of this magnetic attraction. With little effort he leaves you wanting more, a visionary, innate talents that make him dynamic and a thing of the future. Aquarius is a natural visionary, he will never have any difficulty bringing something new to the table, the Aquarius Snake is perfect for winning the hearts of any audience.