Hey Jake Gyllenhaal, What’s Your Sign?

Jake Gyllenhaal Zodiac sign
Jake Gyllenhaal, so hey, what’s your sign?
Birthdate: December 19, 1980
Occupation: Actor
Sun Sign: Sagittarius
Element: Fire
Quality: Mutable
Ruling Planet: Jupiter
Chinese Sign: Monkey
Chinese Element: Metal

Jacob Benjamin “Jake” Gyllenhaal , a Sagittarius born in the year of the Monkey. Jake has played major roles in every genre of movie films some of which include “Brokeback Mountain”, “Prince of Persia”, “The Day After Tomorrow”, “Jarhead”, “October Sky”, and “Brothers”. At first glance Jake does not express the characteristics of the typical Sagittarius Monkey. Instead of something light and superficial we get something deep, mysterious, and at times a dark personality. But lets not forget that Monkey’s are adaptable and versatile in nature. And with Metal element influencing the Monkey, we have someone who is both passionate and demonstrative. Much success will follow Jake Gyllenhaal throughout his acting career thanks to both Jupiter and Metal Element where aspirations, expansions, and improvement remain active.

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